All About Metformin (Medicine Review)

Metaformin (metformin) works as a substitute to insulin. Insulin is a naturally available hormone secreted from pancreas. It converts the readily available glucose in blood into glycogen, a form of sugar which can be stored in muscles and can be reformed to glucose on necessity. People with diabetes don’t have enough insulin in their body i.e. their pancreas doesn’t secret enough insulin. That’s why sugar levels in their blood always stays high, causing diabetes mellitus, commonly known as sugar diabetes.

Role of Metfomin:


Blood sugar patients emphasize upon keeping their sugar level consistent in the safe zone; may be with medication, exercises, appetite control or other techniques. If the sugar level isn’t controlled, the first organ gets affected by the dense blood is kidney. As glucose is a useful part of the blood, kidneys draw these molecules back from the excretory materials. Prolonged pressure on kidneys might hamper their filtration ability. As the blood seems to be a little thicker with all these glucose molecules in it, heart has to pump the blood with a bit more pressure. Now the side walls of the arteries exhibit more pressure, which might affect few delicate internal organs. Metformin makes better use of lower amount of insulin.

Before taking Metaformin (metformin):

Before taking this drug, your doctor should know all about your habits, you life style, fantasies and health history. Don’t ever forget to tell your doctor if you had any of the following within three years prior to starting of medication.

  • Any sort of kidney or liver problem (including metastasis & hepatitis )
  • Severe infection (infection in reproductive organs)
  • Any respiratory or heart condition (chest pain, nauseas, anaemia)
  • X-ray done with a dye injection
  • Lose weight quickly, feel thirsty all the time, feel sick & weak)
  • Regular drinking
  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Major allergies
  • Other serious body conditions where you are taking high dose medication

What can Metaformin do for your health?

It can bring your blood sugar level down to a healthy range and hence type 2 diabetes can be controlled with it. Metaformin (metformin) comes in buguanides class of medicines. It decreases the amount of glucose to be absorbed from food. So, from the very beginning, the blood itself doesn’t get enough glucose to affect normal body metabolism. The drug also increases human body’s response towards insulin.

Side effects of Metaformin (metformin):

The side effects aren’t confined; rather they vary from person to person. This drug also has few unwanted side effects. Everyone doesn’t experience all the side effects. With time, when our body gets acquainted with the drug, these things cease.

People under metformin might feel sick or weak a bit. This is a common thing in the beginning, but it is supposed to improve with time. Few people catch diarrhoea, the patient is advised to drink plenty of water to remove the lost fluids. Symptoms like loss of appetite, abdominal pain and unusual taste are very rare. If they happen to appear, consult your physician for better solution of the problem.

Metaformin (metformin) should never be taken as a double dose if one of the them is missed, rather it is best to take the next dose in time than gasping both doses at a time.

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